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The Weather Channel came to the Umbrella Cover Museum in October, 2009. The series is called “Cantore Stories” and this segment is “Maine Characters.” They filmed Nancy 3. Hoffman, museum Director and Curator. The show was first aired in March of 2010, and continues to be shown on occasion.


UCM on The Weather Channel

This presentation was done for PechaKucha night in Portland, Maine, July, 2011. I was allowed 20 slides for 20 seconds each.

Museum in 7 minutes

Virtual Tour


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BBC Radio, The London Independent, 1997

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Boston Globe, “Maine island perfect for fall foray,” 9/27/2009                              email:

Nancy 3. Hoffman, Director and Curator                                            Phone: (207) 939-0301

62-B Island Avenue, Peaks Island, ME 04108        On Facebook, and Twitter UmbCoverMuse

Weather Report #8

from the Museum

August 5, 2011

A foggy day began the week on Peaks Island, Maine. This week girls from Camp Fernwood, a scavenger hunt, and a beautiful rainstorm are featured. Plus original stories and covers created by kids. Old timey music is by The Peaks Pluckers. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Weather Report #2

from the Museum - SPECIAL!

June 23, 2011

Visiting filmmaker Hans Manshoven from Belgium does an AWESOME job of creating the feel and vibrancy of the Umbrella Cover Museum. An editing award should go to this man. I mean Manshoven.

Hans Manshoven’s blog of his international travels (with great pictures):

YouTube Channel with other Weather Reports for 2011


Other Links of Interest: - Maine’s Klezmer Band

                                            - The Maine Squeeze Accordion Ensemble

Review of “Uncovered and Exposed” by Michelle Souliere, Greenhand Bookshop -

Impressions of Peaks Island by Ruty Unz (In Hebrew) -

Nancy 3. singing on Youtube:

Selection from “The Mikado” by Gilbert & Sullivan -

”The Anthem of the Aging Optimist” by Nancy 3. Hoffman -

“It’s Christmas and I’m a Jew” by Hannah and Phil Hoose -

”In These Shoes” by Kirsty MacColl -

”Roumania Roumania” by Aaron Lebedeff -

12 Language Medley with accordion -

”The Barack Obama Polka” -

”Three Strikes You’re Out” by Nancy 3. Hoffman -

Theme Song of The Umbrella Cover Museum


Video by Jo Israelson. Filmed on July 7, 2012, the day of the actual attempt, at which 730 umbrella sleeves were counted. Judges were Dorothy Schwartz and Paula T. Work. Steward Kim MacIsaac. Throngs appeared. Music filled the air. Umbrella covers reigned supreme. Final determination will be in autumn, 2012 - check website homepage for the latest.



Guinness Record received

The opening of the envelope containing the official certificate declaring the Umbrella Cover Museum the largest collection of umbrella covers IN THE WORLD!!!! Thanks to all who participated!